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Signs for interstate freeway, expressways and highways are in a special category. These oversize regulatory, warning and guide signs are usually supplied to specialty contractors for installation around the nation.

Materials used include sheet aluminum and extruded aluminum, with reflective backgrounds. Each state has established specifications for these types of signs.

Lyle Signs has manufactured interstate signs since the inception of the interstate system. Lyle has the equipment and experience to develop, produce and furnish signs for interstates in accordance with the latest federal and state standards.

If you require a gas, food or lodging logo for your business on an interstate sign, please give us a call. Those signs can typically be fabricated within 2 weeks.

North Roswell

South Interstate



Tramway Blvd



Distance Signs

Signs vary in size to fit your needs

  • D1-1 - One name with arrow
  • D1-1A - One name with arrow & mileage
  • D1-2 - Two names with arrows
  • D1-2A - Two name with arrows & mileage
  • D1-3 - Three names with arrows
  • D1-3A - Three names with arrows & mileage
  • D2-1 - One name with mileage
  • D2-2 - Two names with mileage
  • D2-3 - Three names with mileage




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