Destination / Guide Signs

Guide signs are essential to direct road users along streets and highways, to inform them of intersecting routes, to direct them to cities, towns, villages, or other important destinations. It also helps them to identify nearby rivers and streams, parks, forests, and historical sites, and generally to give them information that will help them along their way in the most simple, direct manner possible.

All Guide Signs are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheeting in Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade on Aluminum or as a Face Only.

View the 2009 MUTCD with Revision 1 & 2 for Guide Signs for more information.

For Freeways & Expressways view the 2009 MUTCD with Revision 1 & 2 for Freeways and Expressways.

Sample Destination Signs are Shown Below:


Weigh Station Advance
  • d8-1d8-1
Available Sizes
  • 60x48
  • 78x60
  • 96x72


Weigh Station Next Right
  • d8-2d8-2
Available Sizes
  • 66x54
  • 84x72
  • 108x90


Weigh Station Exit Direction
  • d8-3d8-3
Available Sizes
  • 48x42
  • 66x60
  • 84x78

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