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Regulatory Signs

Regulatory Signs inform drivers of the laws that govern your roadways. Speed limits, weight limits, lane use and other regulations tell drivers what is allowed and what is not allowed, assure safety and keep traffic flowing smoothly.

All Regulatory Signs are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheeting in Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity Prismatic or Diamond Grade on Aluminum or as a Face Only.

View the 2009 MUTCD with Revision 1 & 2 for Regulatory Signs for more information.

Sample Regulatory Signs are Shown Below:


(Arrow) Turning Vehicles --- (Yield) To (Ped)
  • r10-15lr10-15l
Available Sizes
  • 30x30


Turning Vehicles (Arrow) --- (Yield) To (Ped)
  • r10-15rr10-15r
Available Sizes
  • 30x30


U-Turn Yield To Right Turn
  • r10-16r10-16
Available Sizes
  • 30x36


Right On Red Arrow After Stop
  • r10-17ar10-17a
Available Sizes
  • 36x48


(Symbol) Traffic Laws Photo Enforced
  • r10-18r10-18
Available Sizes
  • 36x24
  • 48x30
  • 54x36


Traffic Laws Photo Enforced Symbol
  • r10-19r10-19
Available Sizes
  • 24x12
  • 36x18
  • 48x24


Photo Enforced
  • r10-19apr10-19ap
Available Sizes
  • 24x18
  • 36x30
  • 48x36


Cross Only On (Symbol) Signal
  • r10-2r10-2
Available Sizes
  • 9x12

R10-20a (2-Line)

Sunday (Time)
  • r10-20a2r10-20a2
Available Sizes
  • 24x18

R10-20a (3-Line)

Mon-Fri (Time)
  • r10-20a3r10-20a3
Available Sizes
  • 24x24


To Request Green Wait On (Symbol)
  • r10-22r10-22
Available Sizes
  • 12x18


Crosswalk --- Stop On Red (Red Circle)
  • r10-23r10-23
Available Sizes
  • 24x30

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