School & Playground Signs

Every community is concerned about the safety of its children. School & Playground Signs will help alert motorists to the presence of children.

All School and Playground Signs are made with 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheeting in Engineer Grade, Hi-Intensity Prismatic, Diamond Grade, or Fluorescent Grade on Aluminum or as a Face Only.

View the 2009 MUTCD with Revision 1 & 2 for School Signs for more information.

Sample School and Playground Signs are Shown Below:


School Speed Limit (#) When Flashing
  • s5-1s5-1
Available Sizes
  • 24x48
  • 36x72


End School Zone
  • s5-2s5-2
Available Sizes
  • 24x30
  • 36x48


End School Speed Limit
  • s5-3s5-3
Available Sizes
  • 24x30
  • 36x48

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