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Street name signs help motorist find their way. If street signs are not highly visible, they can cause more than inconvenience. An unsure motorist, or one who makes an abrupt turn, can be very dangerous. After all, 20% of fatal crashes occur at intersections. Erratic, last second maneuvers will contribute to these statistics.

Some drivers deserve special considerations. Visitors and newcomers need reliable guidance. Drivers of rescue vehicles must see signs clearly to prevent delay and older or impaired drivers require brighter signs with larger lettering.

Yet many street name signs in use today are small or have lost their reflective brightness. This reduces their visibility to drivers.

Replace old street signs.

Take out the old and install new street name signs to make life safer for motorists and pedestrians in your area. Street Sign AL Bracket
Lyle Signs' AL-Series Bracket is attractive and also available with vandal-resistant hardware. (Shown with 6-in. letters on high intensity sheeting.)

Street Sign w/Logo
Lyle Signs' popular E-450 bracket assembly sets the standard for strength and durability. It provides great visibility both day and night - plus it's wind- and vandal- resistant. (Shown above with 9-in. plates and diamond grade sheeting.)

Upgrading is easy.

It's easy to upgrade your old embossed steel street signs with new reflective signs using your existing Lyle E-450 bracket. Reflective plates with Series E borders (as shown above) look similar to embossed plates and can be used with your existing bracket system for 6-in. blades. They can be easily and economically upgraded with 9-in. plates and Lyle's extender hardware to meet the MUTCD's recommended plate size.

Street Sign Size Compare
Larger street signs with bigger type and brighter reflectivity greatly improve legibility - especially at night. (Top: Engineer grade sheeting with 4-in. letters. Bottom: High intensity sheeting with 6-in. letters.)


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